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Spring 2018 PHY2400

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First Lab

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Today I was taught how to use the motion detectors. My partners had previous experience with the Lab quest devices. They did a good job of explaining to me how to reset the data, start the data, and how to read the data. Once I got to know the device, we were able to create a parabolic shape onto the monitor. The shape was created by holding the sensor parallel to the table and then moving it close to the table and back up to starting position. We knew parabolas are mad up of three points on each side. To make is symmetrical, you need to be the same distance on each side of the recordings. That is why going up and down with the sensor created the parabola, it had the same distance from the maximum and minimum and it had the same start and finish.

Spitwad Lab

In the lab the students had the roles of timer, ball tapper, and spit wad throwers. The next step was to mark every 5 tiles in the hall. The ball tapper had to keep a constant rate while tapping a basketball down the hall using a meter stick causing the ball  to accelerate. Each spit wad thrower was given a number. The timer would yell a number out at set time intervals and the spit wad thrower of that number throws the wad at the basketball. At he end of the lab you record the data. The data you collect is how far the wad is from the starting point of the ball. You compare that to the time interval the wad was thrown. These numbers can be used to calculate the velocity the ball was traveling. Once you graph the data, the end graph should be in the form of a parabola.

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